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The beautifully talented Manika Kaur has released her first children's book today, world book day. I was so moved when manika read this poem to me and felt so lucky to put imagery to her words. Description: Little ones will love searching for tantrums in this poetic storybook. Simple and helpful tools for children with “big feelings bursting through”. This fun rhyme will encourage curious minds to look for tantrums in their beds, between their toes, above and below connecting young ones with their bodies and physical surroundings. As they explore their outer world, children will learn that feelings come from inside. This book aims to connect children to their inner world and provides simple tools to cope when they feel overwhelmed. About The Author Manika Kaur loves the magical world of children and is a mother of 3. The challenge of raising children in today’s world and the complexities’ she faced after having twins inspired Manika to write this series. Through easy and fun stories, Manika aims to empower young children to believe in their own abilities and connect to their inner-self. The books focus on building self-awareness with simple tools like deep breathing, asking for help, performing acts of kindness and making healthy choices. Whilst Manika is more known for her award-winning spiritual music albums and short-films, she also writes poetry on subjects of injustice and the promotion of unity and peace. Manika donates 100 percent of her profits to charity with a focus on educating children. Her exemplary ability of combining art and culture to achieve her humanitarian mission is unparalleled.

To learn more about Manika please visit

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