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My Books

Mummy's Got MS


“Mummy’s got MS, which is short for Multiple Sclerosis, sometimes she is tired and sometimes she finds it hard to walk, but that’s ok.”A short story about a mum with MS as seen through her child’s eyes. This is a personal story about MS, with some facts and terminology about the illness. This story is a personal one. I am a children's writer and illustrator and I have MS. I decided to put down my own experiences but through my son's eyes. It is a work of fiction in that sense but based on events that occurred in my life. As my son has got older he has started to ask more about what MS is, I thought that this book would help explain things in a really mild way. I wanted to share it, thinking that some other people with MS (or loved ones of people with MS) with children might find it useful. Any view points are my own and I am not a medical expert.

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The Window Book


One little child, living in a flat high up on the 7th floor, hates the fact that their bathroom doesn’t have a window. One day the child realises that picture books could do the job. All the bathroom duties no longer seem daunting in that dark dingy room with ‘Window Books’ opening up endless worlds and the imagination, from deep sea bathing to flying on the backs of dragons! With rhyming verse and poo and wee.

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Light is a wordless picture book. The story follows a little girl who is playing with a paper plane. It flies far and the journey to retrieve it is a daunting one, then her imagination takes hold. It takes all her courage to go on, when it starts to fade something inside her gives her strength. This is a wordless book which enables the reader to interpret it into their own words. This is a wordless book which enables the reader to interpret it in their own words.

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Hattie Goes to the Moon


Hattie longs to visit the moon but believes she can't as she is an elephant. Her friends, Ziggy and Mooki show her that it's very possible if she uses her imagination.

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Blank The Dog With No Name


Blank is a greedy dog, living in a world of Food-People, you'd think this would be perfect for him but it's led to him becoming nameless, friendless and homeless. This tale sees Blank as he searches for a name, a home and someone to love, someone he won't eat!

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How To Make A Picture Book


For all those budding children's book authors and illustrators- and entrepreneurs! This is a fun guide on how to make a children's picture book. An introduction to bleed, gutters and lots of things bookish. You can draw and write directly into the book to help keep all your ideas in one place. This is a guide designed to advise on how to produce a book for self publishing through online print on demand services e.g. KDP. For ages 8 to 14 (or more!). The use of specific computer programmes are used in the text.

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