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Don't Do As You Please!

I've just returned from holiday and thought I'd check into my socials and realised I've been very bad this year with updating them

So I shall do a couple of posts and hopefully I'll keep up the momentum through the rest of the year

Dana Schleien, author of, Emma Louise, Don't Do As You Please! has published it, it's now available, here's a link:

"Emma Louise, Don't Do as You Please!" is a heartwarming exploration of modern family dynamics and the sweet discovery of genuine connections. In a world buzzing with screens and busy schedules, Emma Louise embarks on a journey to find joy beyond material possessions. Follow along as she turns everyday challenges into delightful moments, making readers of all ages reflect on the simple magic that happens when we choose to be present for one another and attentive in the lives of our loved ones. With vibrant illustrations and a charming storyline, this book celebrates love, laughter, and the joy of shared experiences.

A wonderful story and Dana was wonderful to work with x

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