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Sockmonster is Go!

Posted @ 17:31:30 on 11 March 2014

YIPPEE! Sockmonster and Friends have made it to print... well to pixel!

If you have little ones or could do with some encouragement on good habits, please check them out.

'Ever wonder where lost socks go? You must have noticed they ...disappear from time to time, never to be seen again. What most people don't know is that the socks are stolen by a little creature called the Sockmonster. This tiny thief isn't the mastermind behind the sock stealing operation, he takes his orders from a group of troublemakers called the Dustbunnies. One day Sockmonster decided he didn't want to steal socks anymore. He teamed up with two friends: Toothy, who loves dental hygene and keeping the bathroom neat, and Hampy, a gentle giant who likes a tidy bedroom. Together they are the Sockbuddies, dedicated to going on adventures and helping children everywhere learn good household habits. Join them as they navigate the last great frontier: the common house. Adventures with the Sockbuddies can perilous and other times mysterious, but above all, they are always fun.'

Titles include: Toothbrush Rescue; Airplane Adventure and Cave Explorers, links to the app store are here

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