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Society of Bookbinders international competition

Posted @ 13:17:32 on 22 June 2013

Just received an email from my bookbinder, Glenn Malkin http://( saying he has completed binding my story 'Light' for his entry into The Society of Bookbinders international competition 2013.

'The photos attached show the binding along with its box - it is bound in full yellow Oasis goatskin, airbrushed with acrylic ink. The lettering on the front is inlaid leather with the character in dyed onlaid calf and goatskin. The front and rear doublures (the inside of the covers) are in goat suede. The book edge is dyed with acrylic ink. The drop-back box is covered in yellow and black book cloth and is lined with suede. The front design is hot-tooled carbon. The book is sewn directly onto the mull, with simple hand made headbands and is case-bound.'

The Society exhibits the entries at Leeds Metropolitan University (Headingly campus) on the 30th and 31st of august.

It's very exciting and I wish Glenn Malkin the best of luck!

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