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I’m excited to share the third book in the Forest Friends series by Anoush Fazal, Rusty’s Special Day!

This has to be my favourite I think


HURRAY!!! It’s a very special day in Forest Friends land. And Rusty the Raccoon has some very, very important tasks to do. He has to deliver cards, get balloons, and buy the most delicious cake for the BIG PARTY!!!

But will Forgetful Rusty remember to do it all? Or will the special day be ruined? Let’s find out…

This warm and funny picture book is ideal for group reading or one-on-one time with your little one. With colorful artwork and a host of quirky characters, Rusty’s Special Day is a must-have for your child’s bookshelf.

Read the rest of the budding Forest Friends series and meet the other fun-loving characters: Kooky the Messy Kangaroo, Holly the Dancing Hippo, Turvy the Speedy Turtle, and Dazzy the Singing Dragon. Each with a unique story to tell.

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