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Posted @ 12:27 26 February 2018

No surprises what this parcel had it it when it arrived today :D (picture on the box), signed by the incredible author Tammi Landry-Gilder, with a bookmark too! I did the illustrations as well as the cute chapter header images, this one is my favourite... Yeti! It's a great story, full of adventure, here's a quote from the book;


Oh, man. I couldn’t use my Mr. Distracted cape. How would it ever be the same after having some mean old bully’s blood all over it? I didn’t even like these guys, why should I use my beloved and most prized possession to help them? I looked at the cape and then at Big One. Back to the cape. Back to Big. Gosh darn it all around, I was going to have to use it. It was the only thing I had to save him. My heart hurt."

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