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Memory from the North

Sometimes I like to share little creative projects I do (expect to see my kitchen tile work in a future post ) Earlier I came across these in an old memory tin. I made them for my sister-in-law years for little wedding favours. They're Angel of the North worry dolls. Each one hand made with blank match sticks and rusty wool- it took yonks (I think there was 60ish). Each bag was hand died and individually made and my daughter designed the tag- it was fun and I love to being crafty. My husband and family are from the North East (I lived up there for 10 years myself) and the Angel of the North was one of my favourite sights, it's fantastic landmark and piece of artwork by Antony Gormley (he happened to be a big part of my BA dissertation too so I always felt a kind of connection to it.)

I don't think she used them in the end as they look a bit like crucifix's! an maybe looked too handmade!

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