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London Trip

Posted @ 10:48:49 on 29 February 2012

This time last week I was getting ready to head off down to London. I left at 11.45 pm and had a strange journey of neither really sleeping nor being awake. I arrived early on the Thursday morning ready to meet up with my university lecturer, one other MA student and about 20 BA third year students.

First stop the Guardian. A fantastic building (they do great almond croissants at their cafe) what became clear from meeting with Roger Browning and Sarah Habershon is that the belts have been tightened on illustration.

It was great to meet with them, hear how the paper works and the design within that. I hope to send some work but am a little scared.

The afternoon led us to a meeting at Walker Books with freelance talent spotter, Loiuse Power. I found this meeting very insightful. It's really much about the money, there's little experiment or gamble which means they keep to a known formula and it has very tight requirements.

I'd love to send some work but will have to change my work in order to send a sample. But it Looks like Mini and the bunnies may be having a facelift.

I left that night for another coach trip of little sleep... a quick visit but one full of inspiration.

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