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I Can Be A T. Rex!

Courageous Jamal: Jamal's Dinosaur adventure

“Stand tall and say it twice. I can be a T. rex, I can be a T. rex, I can be me.” Jamal is a curious and adventurous boy who loves to discover new things. Jamal makes it his mission to become a T. Rex, but when his friend Fred points out that he isn’t actually a real dinosaur, his confidence is shaken. Will Jamal become the dinosaur he wants to be?

This is a super children's book for little kids with big imaginations. Mulki Kassim was a fantastic author to work with, the story is really full of emotions and is really fun to read. It was absolutely brilliant being able to illustrate her book as it was a real chance to be quite creative- it's quite a feat to illustrate a boy dressed up as a dinosaur but thinks he is a real dinosaur in a dinosaur world- I loved it!

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