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Far Beyond The Treetops!

Posted @ 14:36:38 on 15 December 2016

Far Beyond the Treetops by Stephanie Captain (illustrations by me) is out on the shelves!

Book Blurb...

Soaring to new heights on imagination and positivity, this ode to self-confidence inspires kids to unapologetically pursue their dreams no matter where the journey takes them in the big world. Recognizing the importance of her life, the pride of where she comes from, and her innate ability to be great in any circumstance, this little girl is flying through life on her own terms and leaving naysayers behind. Both silly and serious, Steph Captain's vibrant rhyming text and Charity Russell's dazzling illustrations unite in a book that is daring, diverse--and will dwell deep in the hearts of generations.

Here's a review of the book:

and here's where to get hold of it...

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