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Controlling the Monkey

Posted @ 19:26 30 July 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, The Inside Flashlight by Sara Marlowe. I'd previously illustrated a workbook for her on mindfulness and this book was the next stage. Sara is a musician, clinical social worker, and university lecturer. She has been meditating for many years and takes delight in sharing mindfulness with children, youth, and families. Sara can be found online at

The reason I called this controlling the monkey, is I heard a very interesting programme about how we have, inner monkeys, the expert explained that we learn to control the monkey inside, the pure animal instinct inside us all. When we lose our temper or even become anxious we are giving control to the monkey. I found it quite understandable and to me, this is really what this story is about, learning exactly what it is we are feeling and once we do, we can tame it.

Ok, I'll be honest, it was on Russell Howard's Good News and I'm not a trained professional like the author Sara Marlowe, so probably best to ignore my 'monkey' thing!

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