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Posted @ 13:32 29 October 2018

I absolutely loved this project, it was great to have so much creative freedom and work with a client full of ideas and passion.

The Boogie by Aaron Thayer is now available to purchase from Amazon, link shared, it's a super idea of a greedy Boogie who eats words, once eaten things disappear, He eats, soft and the pillows become solid :)

"Two American children tackle a powerful towering "Boogie" monster. As their world slowly disappears around them, as the monster eats words and the ideas behind those words disappear from existence, the two kids fight back. Desserts are at stake, but it doesn't stop at sweets! Liberty, education, backpacks and even other children, are on the line. This story guides children, with rhymes and colourful illustrations, to understand that they can fight back against bullies. They can fight back by understanding how bullies work, and then using how bullies work against the bullies themselves. By the end, children will recognise that it's easier to stand up to monsters when they're not doing it alone. Once they realise it's easy to confront a bully face to face, they know they can do it again, and again, and again."

(The image of the Boogie here is a preliminary image and was not the one settled on in the end for the book itself, but I like it so added it).

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