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A Girl Called Round

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Posted @ 11:32 27 May 2020

By S. R. Taylor

Back in 2015 I was hired to add a few pages to a book called Round, a bit difficult as the previous illustrator drew digitally and I still use old fashioned pencil and ink.

Then earlier this year Shervonne, the author, contacted me again saying she just wanted to redo the entire book in my style, and I'm so glad she did. I'm so happy with the pictures and to work on a great story, with a great message and a wonderful kind hearted author.

I've literally just finished today but wanted to share straight away so the linked book is still of the old version and it's not available to purchase yet, I'll post links as soon as it is!

A note from the author...

Free2Bee Mental Wellness Initiative

Butterfly Girls!

Love thyself – Joy from within – Courage to dream

We believe every girl has the right to be who she was created to be

To confidently state that she loves herself for who she is

All of our girls will bravely possess a “Free to Bee” who I am attitude

Our Mission:

To maintain the positive “Free To Be” energy created through the book “A Girl Called ROUND.” The Free2Bee Mental Wellness Initiative gives every girl a unique opportunity to build confidence and esteem through identifying their own voice and creating a beautiful pair of wings that symbolically fly above all challenges and obstacles that seek to suppress self-worth and confidence.

The Free2Bee Mental Wellness Initiative will provide an integrated platform for Parents to…share stories and success strategies that will propel our daughters to believe the very best about themselves and be fully confident in who they are; despite the judgmental thoughts, opinions and negative feelings associated with being teased, taunted and isolated.

We seek to reach 1 Million Girls around the world because everybody deserves a chance to dance…to sing…and spread their own unique wings. To believe they can truly fly from the joy they have inside…to freely look in the mirror and like what they see.

Become a Butterfly Girl like Olivia! Contact us to share your stories:

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