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Competition Time!

To enter Visit my facebook page Like it, share the competition post and then comment your name to the competition post on my Facebook page.

Five winners will be selected at random on the 01.06.2023. and announced via Facebook and Instagram.


Terms and conditions of entry.

Five personalised message videos can be won by Five applicants. Prize is an original character design of one individual who'll be animated to an audio message. The audio message must be supplied by the winner within two weeks of winner announcement. The message can be up to 10 seconds long, it can be shorter e.g. Happy Birthday. The message must not be offensive and can be refused to the designer's (Charity Russell) discretion. If a message cannot be agreed upon and supplied in the two weeks from winning then prize will be voided. The message and photo supplied is at the winners liability and the designer, Charity Russell is not liable for any offence or legal action by person used in animation. Winner takes full responsibility and must have the permission of the person to be used in the animation and of the audio message. The designer Charity Russell owns full copyright and use. The winner can use the video where they like but cannot change or manipulate the image, text or audio without written consent from the designer (Charity Russell). Prize will be available once completed, allow 2 months from winner selection.



Good Luck!



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