Children's Book Illustrator and Designer for Hire 


Thank you for visiting my website and online portfolio. I'm Charity Russell a book illustrator and designer, specialising in children's literature.

Diversity and inclusion are very important to me and I like to work on projects with a strong heart. 

I graduated with a First Class masters degree in 'Illustration and Design' from The University of Sunderland in 2012, before which I gained my bachelors degree in Illustration from Falmouth University College, Cornwall in 2004. 

My work all begins in my sketch book with traditional pencil and ink, then my illustrations are digitally completed, here I amalgamate all the different textures I've gathered and patterns I've personally created with the original pencil and ink drawings.


I specialise in freelance work for both independent and commercial authors and publishers, offering illustration plus full design, formatting and typesetting of children's book. 


I am originally from Zambia and moved to the U.K. as a teenager, I now live in Bristol, England with my husband and two children and our dog Frank. 


Some clients include; The Body Shop, Library For All, Our Little Worlds, NoMeLoMe, Monarto Zoo and many amazing talented authors:


A Wave Came through Our Window by Zetta Elliott (was given outstanding merit in Best Children's Books of 2016 

I Can Do Hard Things by Gabi Garcia

The Boogie by Aaron Thayer

Miki and the Human Baby by Karen Avril

Amelia's Hair by Rich Spelman

Sockmonster and Friends by Joseph Andrews (children's book series)

The Rise of the Snuggle Bunnies by Victoria Laherty Adams

The King's Crown is Upside-Down by Robin Feiner


Books written by me Mummy's Got MS  and The Window Book


Please feel free to contact me directly through my contacts page or if you have any queries or are looking for a quote for a project. I am able to provide a full book design service, including cover design and all formatting, delivering files ready for direct upload to KDP