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Mount Ranier and rainbow umbrellas

I've been on holiday and returned to some emails from clients sharing updates about projects we've worked on, so I'm going to do a little bit of posting and, let's face it, that is pretty unusual for me as I'm awful at updating my social media At the turn of the year I worked on another book by talented and inspirational author, Ann Hoang It's so lovely to read reviews from people who have such nice things to say about my art so i'm sharing this one from Kaylee Elmer of [Following is an official review of "Rainbow Umbrella" by Ann Hoang.] Book Cover4 out of 4 stars Share This Review Rainbow Umbrella, by Ann Hoang, follows two children as they explore the Pacific Northwest Cascades with the help of a rainbow umbrella. Along the way, they see many different landscapes. They go through mountains and woods. They see animals like marmots, bears, and snow geese. They see flowers, trees, and water. Their journey is breathtaking. I most liked the pictures in the book. Charity Russell did an absolutely amazing job. Every page was bright and beautiful. One of my favorite illustrations included red flowers standing out against white snow. Another picture shows a cascading waterfall that looks just like a comet's tail. Another showed beautiful red berries on bright green bushes. I could go on and on about how stunning this book is. There was nothing I disliked about the story, but I also liked the language in the book. It sounded melodic when I read it aloud to my kids. There were also some challenging words that were learning opportunities. For example, the author used the word "alight" instead of "walk down." When we got to a word my kids didn't know, I took the time to explain it to them. This book is best suited for pretty much any age kid. Very little kids would enjoy the beautiful colors of the pictures. Kids who are a little over would appreciate the details in the pictures and the poetic style of the writing. I would happily rate Rainbow Umbrella 4 out of 4 stars. I wouldn't rate it any lower because there was nothing I disliked about it. It was exceptionally well edited, and I found no errors. As I said before, the illustrations were stunning. This will definitely be a book I read over and over to my kids. I highly recommend Rainbow Umbrella. I look forward to reading it to my children again and sharing it with other children in my life!

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